Role of the Board

The role of the Board of directors of the Company (Directors) is to provide strategic guidance for Austco Healthcare Limited and effective oversight of management. The Board operates in accordance with Austco Healthcare’s Constitution and Board Charter, which describes the Board’s composition, functions and responsibilities and designates authority reserved to the Board and that which is delegated to management. The Board’s functions are set out in Austco Healthcare’s Board Charter and include:

  • monitoring financial performance against agreed financial objectives;
  • monitoring the implementation of the strategy approved by the Board;
  • appointing, removing and monitoring the performance of the Managing Director, Finance Director and the Company Secretary;
  • ensuring appropriate succession planning for Board members and senior management;
  • approving and monitoring financial and other reporting;
  • determining the Company’s dividend policy;
  • approving and monitoring major capital expenditure, capital management, funding, acquisitions and divestments;
  • overseeing risk management, control, accountability and compliance systems; and
  • setting standards of behaviour to enhance the reputation of Austco Healthcare in the market and the community.

A copy of Austco Healthcare’s Board Charter may be obtained from the Company upon request.