Code of Conduct

A Directors’ Code of Conduct to set high ethical standards for the directors of Austco Healthcare Limited (formerly Azure Healthcare Limited). 

The following principles govern directors’ conduct. 

Fair Dealing

  • Directors will act with fairness, honesty and integrity in all of their dealings on behalf of the Company.
  • Directors will not discriminate on the grounds of people’s race, religion, gender, marital status, or disability.
  • Directors will not make promises or commitments which to their knowledge Austco Healthcare does not intend, or is unable, to honour.
  • Directors will require that all employees of the Company act in accordance with these principles of fairness, honesty and integrity.

Personal Transactions

  • Directors will not use the name of Austco Healthcare or their position in the Company to further any personal gain.
  • Directors will not compete with the Company.
  • Directors will use goods, services and facilities provided to them by Austco Healthcare for legitimate business purposes and in accordance with the terms on which they are provided.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Information

  • Directors will ensure that confidential information relating to Azure business is not disclosed to third parties without the consent of Austco Healthcare.
  • Directors will not use information obtained by them as a director of Austco Healthcare for personal financial gain or for the financial benefit of any other person or business.
  • Directors will respect the privacy of others and will comply with the Privacy Policy adopted by the Company.

Disclosure of Interests

  • Directors must fully and promptly disclose to the Company any private or other business interests and other matters which may lead to potential or actual conflicts of interest.
  • Directors must fully disclose all relationships they have with Austco Healthcare in accordance with the Registered Organisations Commission Policy on Independence of Directors.

Share Trading

Disclosure Compliance

Abiding by the Law and Ethical Behaviour

  • Directors will abide by the law at all times. 
  • Directors will comply with all policies adopted by the Company from time to time. 
  • Directors will encourage reporting of unlawful or unethical behaviour and actively promote ethical behaviour. 

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy 

Raising Concerns – Whistle Blowing 


Revised by the Board on 23 September 2020