Shareholder Communications Strategy

Communication with Shareholders and the Market

Company’s commitment to communicating with its shareholders is embodied in its Continuous Disclosure Policy, which contains policies and procedures designed to ensure accountability at the senior management level for compliance with disclosure obligations. A copy of the Company’s Continuous Disclosure Policy is available on the Company’s website or may be obtained upon request from the Company.

In addition to the distribution of the Annual Report, the Company maintains information in relation to governance documents, directors and senior executives, Board and committee charters, annual reports, ASX announcements and contact details on the Company’s website.

In order for the investors to gain a greater understanding of the Company’s business, governance practices, financial performance and future prospects, the Company schedules interactions during the year where it engages with institutional and private investors, analysts and the financial media.

Meetings and discussions with analysts must be approved by the Chairman and are generally conducted by the Chief Executive Offer / Chairman. The discussions are restricted to explanations of information already within the market or which deal with non price sensitive information. These meetings are not held within a four week blackout period in advance of the release of interim or full year results.

The Company encourages shareholders to attend the Company’s AGM and to send in questions prior to the AGM so that they may be responded to during the meeting. It also encourages ad hoc enquiry via email which are responded to. Written transcripts of the meeting are made available on the Company’s website.

Share Register Communications

The Company engages its share registry to manage the majority of communications with shareholders. Shareholders are encouraged to receive correspondence from the Company electronically, thereby facilitating a more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly communication mechanism with shareholders. Shareholders not already receiving information electronically can elect to do so through the share registry, Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited