About Us

Austco Healthcare Limited – A History of Innovation

Austco Healthcare Limited (ASX:AHC) is an international provider of healthcare communication and clinical workflow management solutions.  The company is headquartered in Australia, has subsidiaries in six countries and supports more than 6,000 healthcare facilities through our global reseller network.

As the largest manufacturer of call systems in the southern hemisphere, your healthcare facility can be assured of the highest standard of product quality and performance.  Every system we install is designed to suit the individual requirements of the healthcare facility, focussing on maximizing operational efficiency.

Tacera – IP Based Nursecall

Tacera is an advanced IP based nurse call solution for healthcare facilities that provides “plug-and-play” functionality.  This minimizes the cost of installation and commissioning, as well as making ongoing maintenance more cost effective – reducing the total cost of ownership of the system.

Calls may be displayed on pagers, DECT and VoIP based wireless telephones, quickly alerting staff that a call has been activated.  Tacera’s VoIP interface enables crystal clear voice communications between nursing staff and the patient, without the need for third party middleware.

Additionally, all your clinical alarm systems, such as Patient Monitoring, Ventilators, IV Pumps and Stat Lab results may be integrated into Tacera allowing “one click” staff allocation for all mission critical alerts.

Tacera features user-friendly and visually appealing patient call points, over door lights and multi-coloured annunciator displays.  Combined with state-of-the-art microprocessor controllers, touch screen staff stations and nurse to patient two way speech facilities, Tacera ensures a rapid, effective and appropriate response to patient calls.

The Importance of Research & Development

Austco Healthcare has made substantial investments in product Research & Development over the past two decades.  Our product line originated, evolved and continues to be shaped by specific market requirements.  Austco Healthcare has a solid understanding of the unique requirements of health care.  Combined with the largest and most capable R&D team within Australia, this means Austco Healthcare is able to directly customize and develop product to customer requirements to the highest standard.

The importance placed on Research and Development is of enormous benefit to our clients.  For technology to be most effective, development must be focused on increased efficiency and simplicity of use.  We work very closely with all parties involved in the healthcare industry from hospital architects and engineers through to the primary user – the nurse or carer – to develop systems perfectly suited to their environment.

Customer Support

In order to compliment the excellence of our product with the very best in customer service, we have established a worldwide network of highly skilled resellers for sales, installation and service.  Dedicated offices have been established in Asia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South America to provide specialist support wherever Austco Healthcare products are installed.  Within Australia, we have a nationwide network of accredited resellers utilising the skills of established communication solution providers.

Austco Healthcare products are manufactured in Australia but our support extends internationally through our trained network of resellers.

To ensure our clients’ needs are met with total satisfaction, we conduct extensive training of our representatives as well as providing them with technical and back up support.  Austco Healthcare’s excellence in design, manufacturing and engineering combined with rigorous installation procedures and an extraordinarily high level of reliability, ensure that customer satisfaction is second to none.  Furthermore, our commitment to quality is reinforced by the provision of a solid product warranty.  We believe that all clients are equally important and all are provided with the same outstanding level of service and support.  The level of commitment is appreciated by our original clients and as such they have supported Austco Healthcare Limited (formerly Azure Healthcare Limited) continuously since 1987.