Austco Communications

Austco Logo Full Colour (PNG)Austco manufactures Nurse Call Systems and Clinical Workflow Solutions for Hospitals and Aged Care facilities. The company has subsidiaries in six countries and supports more than 6,000 hospitals and aged care facilities through our global reseller network. Austco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Austco Healthcare Limited (ASX:AHC) , an international provider of healthcare communication and clinical workflow management solutions.

As the largest manufacturer of Nurse Call Systems in the southern hemisphere, your healthcare facility can be assured of the highest standard of product quality and performance.  Every Nurse Call System we install is designed to suit the individual requirements of the healthcare facility, focussing on maximizing operational efficiency.

Tacera is an advanced IP based Nurse Call System for hospitals and aged care facilities that provides “plug-and-play” functionality.  This minimizes the cost of installation and commissioning, as well as making ongoing maintenance more cost effective – reducing the total cost of ownership of the system.

Nurse Call alerts may be displayed on pagers, DECT and VoIP based wireless telephones, quickly alerting staff that a Nurse Call has been activated.  Tacera’s VoIP interface enables crystal clear voice communications between nursing staff and the patient, without the need for third party middleware.

Additionally, all your clinical alarm systems, such as Patient Monitoring, Ventilators, IV Pumps and Stat Lab results may be integrated into Tacera allowing “one click” staff allocation for all mission critical alerts.

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