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By 31 January, 2013August 20th, 2022General News, Newsletter

Austco’s Tacera Nurse Call Automates Workflow and Delivers Hospital-Wide Patient Care Efficiencies

Nathan Buzza, Marketing Manager at Austco, announced a new Duty Station that provides rounding and reminder options for the company’s Tacera nurse call platform.

“In the hectic environment of the Med/Surg Unit, caregivers manage countless requests throughout the day.” stated Buzza, “Tacera provides your staff with the added confidence that they’re providing patients with high quality care and pain assessment via the Touch Duty Station and staff are freed from concerns about overlooking a critical duty.”

The Touch Duty Station is like having a Nurse’s station in every room. Care providers can easily view a list of every active call, in every room, to gain a holistic view of the unit.

Additionally, the units integrated VoIP interface enables care providers to answer and initiate calls from any room.

The Touch Duty Station assists caregivers in supporting the evidence-based practice of rounding by reminding them when it’s time to check in on patients.

Rounding provides more than boost patient satisfaction; it also:

  • Reduces the number of patient falls.
  • Improves the unit’s workflow by reducing the number of calls.
  • Increases interaction between care providers and patients

Pain management is a key component in providing the overall quality of care for your patients. Since a patient’s self-report is the single most reliable indicator of the existence and intensity of pain, ongoing communication is vital to managing pain and speed recovery time.

Tacera helps caregivers establish and maintain the all-important element of trust with their patients by reminding them to perform regular pain assessments.

A “Wound Care” button on the Touch Duty Station prompts caregivers to check on patients’ wounds so they can apply dressings, administer pain medication, and assist patients to move in bed to relieve pain and prevent bedsores.

Wound care reminders can be dispatched directly to your facility’s Physical Therapy department or Wound Care group, according to the patient’s needs and internal processes.

By sending the calls directly to the appropriate wound care providers, nurses can stay focused on their rounding procedures, knowing that their patients are getting the care they need.

Austco will be exhibiting the Touch Duty Station at HIMSS (Booth 3487), March 3-7, 2013 in New Orleans.